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How we build

Construction solutions

At Añuri Oicón, we focus on offering affordable and high-quality construction solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. We take care of all phases of the project, from conception to execution, which provides peace of mind and security to our clients. This comprehensive management simplifies processes and results in significant savings in both costs and execution times. Our commitment is to provide a service that not only meets expectations but exceeds them, guaranteeing optimal results in each project.

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Selection of the best materials

At Añuri Oicón, we focus on your specific needs, selecting the best materials for each project. From steel to concrete, our technical office carries out a detailed study to offer personalized assessments and alternatives. We maintain close collaboration with engineering and architecture firms, which allows us to find optimal and adapted solutions for each project, ensuring a result that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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Turnkey projects

At Añuri Oicón, our focus is to provide you with a comprehensive construction service with turnkey projects. We are in charge of centralizing and managing all stages of the project, from the initial conception to the completion of the work. This approach guarantees that your investment is optimized to the maximum, ensuring efficiency and quality in every step of the process, and giving you peace of mind and confidence in the final result.

Technical advice

At Añuri Oicón, our technical advisory service is characterized by its personalized approach and availability. Our commercial technical team, distributed by areas, ensures a close and constant presence, allowing us to offer optimal support adapted to the specific needs of each client.

This zonal approach guarantees a quick and efficient response, facilitating the precise identification of construction needs and providing the best solution in each case. From all our departments, including administration, production, and marketing, we focus on a common objective: total customer satisfaction. With this advisory model, we position ourselves as a reliable partner in each project, committed to offering quality service and an exceptional experience for our clients.

Engineering department

At Añuri Oicón, the integration of engineering and construction is essential to offer our clients quality solutions.

Our highly rated engineering department carries out an exhaustive analysis in the initial phase of the project, covering the study, design, calculation and analysis of structural elements.
This comprehensive approach guarantees impeccable coordination during construction, with effective management from construction management to the technical office. For you, as a client, this means receiving a complete and consistent service, ensuring that your project is developed without setbacks and with results of the highest quality in each of its phases.

Maintenance and rehabilitation


At Añuri Oicón, we offer a complete post-construction maintenance and rehabilitation service, focused on ensuring the durability and optimal functionality of your facilities. This service includes periodic reviews and quarterly monitoring to ensure that everything is kept in the best condition.


In addition, we adapt and modernize existing structures according to your needs, whether expanding spaces, reinforcing foundations for new machinery, or renovating facades and offices.

This comprehensive approach is ideal for clients looking for a durable and efficient solution for their facilities.